The ONLY FDA-approved spinal cord stimulator to relieve chronic lower back pain without annoying tingling or buzzing

  • SENZA system with IPG1500 (2)Do you suffer from chronic lower back or leg pain?
  • Does your pain make it difficult to do the things you love?
  • Have you tried physical therapy, pain medication, or invasive back surgery without any relief?

HF10 therapy may be for you.

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) relieves chronic back and limb pain in people who have already tried other treatments without success. Although SCS reduces pain by 50 to 70 percent, many patients experience uncomfortable tingling or buzzing sensations (paresthesias) while using traditional SCS devices.

Traditional SCS may also cause painful shocks while bending or twisting, making it difficult for patients to continue their normal activities.

Why is HF10 therapy different?

Traditional SCS doesn’t actually take away pain. It uses low-frequency pulses to replace pain signals with tingling or prickling sensations. HF10 therapy uses high-frequency pulses to block pain signals, reducing pain without causing tingling, prickling, numbness, or painful shocks.

Because the Senza system does not produce unpredictable shocks, it is currently the only SCS device approved for use while driving.

Clinical studies show that HF10 therapy is the only spinal cord stimulation to relieve pain when compared to traditional SCS.

50% improvement in just 3 months

SENZA-RCT was the first study to compare the Senza system with traditional SCS devices. All of the participants had chronic back or limb pain that did not respond to conservative treatments.

After three months, more than 84 percent of the people receiving HF10 therapy said their back pain had improved by at least 50 percent. Only 43.8 percent of the people receiving traditional SCS reported the same results, demonstrating the superiority of HF10 therapy with the Senza system.*

  • No machinery restrictions
  • Labeled parathesia free
  • Proven superior in head-to-head study with traditional spinal cord stimulation
*Individual results may vary.

HF10 Therapy

Traditional SCS

Notice superior back and leg pain relief with HF10 therapy.

HF10 therapy produces no uncomfortable paresthesias.

After three months of treatment, 46.5 percent of the people receiving traditional SCS said they experienced paresthesias. The people receiving HF10 therapy experienced absolutely no uncomfortable tingling, shocks, or buzzing, making HF10 the only paresthesia-free SCS available.

Why HF10 is Superior to Traditional Spinal Cord Stimulation

No Side Effects

Unlike traditional spinal cord stimulators, the Senza system does not cause annoying buzzing or tingling sensations.

More Freedom

The Senza device is the only spinal cord stimulator approved for use while driving, giving you total control over your activities.


It’s easy to operate the Senza device. Just use the patient controller to deliver pain relief where you need them most.


No matter how active you are, Senza is compatible with your lifestyle.

How does the Senza system work?

The Senza system is an implantable device consisting of the following components:

  1. Charge coil
  2. Software
  3. Electrode leads
  4. No-slip anchor

When the device is turned on, it sends high-frequency pulses to the spinal cord, blocking pain signals and relieving pain in the lower back and legs.

When a patient decides to try HF10 therapy, there is a brief trial period before a surgeon implants the permanent device. The trial period, which lasts approximately one week, gives patients a chance to try HF10 therapy before committing to long-term use.

The Senza implant procedure is minimally invasive.

With a traditional SCS device, the patient has to be awake for part of the implant procedure, which can cause anxiety and discomfort. There is no need for the patient to be awake during Senza placement.

The Senza procedure is also less complicated, reducing the amount of time it takes to implant the device.

There’s no need to suffer with chronic back or leg pain.

If you’ve tried other treatments without any relief, don’t give up hope. Contact Dr. Kas to find out if HF10 therapy is an option for you.

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