Dr. Kasra Amirdelfan, M.D.

Dr. Kasra Amirdelfan is a nationally recognized expert in pain management and the only California doctor to participate in Nevro’s FDA study of the Senza® system. Since the Food & Drug Administration approved Senza in May 2015, Dr. Amirdelfan has performed more than 50 implant procedures, giving him the expertise needed to determine if HF10 therapy is right for you.

No other Doctor has been involved in Senza Research longer.

In addition to serving as a principal investigator for the SENZA-RCT study, Dr. Amirdelfan is a principal investigator for the SENZA-ULN study and the Senza dose study. SENZA-ULN is studying the effects of HF10 therapy on chronic arm and neck pain, while the Senza dose study is designed to determine the optimal dose of energy for patients using the device.

Patients report pain relief of more than 80% with Nevro’s Senza device.

More than 90 percent of the patients who tried HF10 therapy asked Dr. Amirdelfan to perform the permanent implant procedure, which takes about an hour. In most cases, the procedure is done on an outpatient basis, making it easy for patients to return to their normal activities as soon as possible.

Dr. Amirdelfan is involved in ground-breaking research.

Because Dr. Amirdelfan is an active researcher in the field of pain management, he is a sought-after lecturer at the local, regional, and national levels. He regularly gives lectures on topics such as stem-cell technologies, pain management, spinal diseases, and spinal cord stimulation.

He’s currently involved in research related to dorsal root ganglion stimulation and stem-cell therapy for lumbar degenerative disc disease. Dr. Amirdelfan also serves as a consultant to leading medical companies throughout the United States, sharing his expertise with other researchers in the field of pain management.

Dr. Amirdelfan graduated from Texas A&M University College of Medicine in 1994 and completed his residency in family medicine at John Peter Smith Hospital, an affiliate of UT Southwestern School of Medicine.

He quickly developed an interest in pain medicine, prompting him to complete a fellowship with Dr. Elliot Krames, one of the pioneers of modern interventional pain management. Dr. Amirdelfan is board-certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine.

When he’s not caring for patients or participating in research, Dr. Amirdelfan enjoys traveling, going to the movies, skiing, and golfing. He is happily married and has three children.

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