84.3% experienced a reduction in pain
of 50% or greater in the first 3 months!*

*Data based on SENZA-RCT pivotal study. FDA approved.

Take control of your life. Find out how Dr. Kas uses HF10 therapy.

HF10 therapy was found to be statistically superior to traditional SCS therapy in terms of response rate and magnitude of pain relief for patients with back and leg pain.

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Reduce chronic back and leg pain

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Improve sleep

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Return to normal activities

See How HF10™ Therapy Provides Patients Superior Relief from Back Pain and Leg Pain

Have you tried pain medications, physical therapy, spinal injections and even back surgery with no relief?

If so, you may be a candidate for Nevro’s HF10 therapy.

Unlike traditional spinal cord stimulation (SCS), Nevro’s Senza® system does not mask pain—it actually reduces it.

We consider HF10 Therapy a success when:

  • Your pain is reduced by at least 50 percent
  • You are able to walk, carry groceries and perform other normal activities with less pain
  • You no longer have to take pain medication just to go to work or enjoy time with your family
  • You are able to get a good night’s sleep without waking up in pain



“HF10 Therapy is my best friend; I’m no longer hiding behind the pain.”

Before HF10, Terri didn’t think she’d ever have a day when pain wasn’t the first thing on her mind. Now she can be more spontaneous with her activities.*


“It’s a miracle, I’m thriving. My quality of life is amazing now with HF10 Therapy.”

Greg’s thought his life was going to be nothing more than dealing with pain. After HF10 therapy, his quality of life is amazing.*

*Individual results may vary.
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Dr. Kasra Amirdelfan

Dr. Kas is a leading expert in pain management and the only physician in California to participate in the study that tested Nevro’s Senza device.

He is also a member of Nevro’s marketing and general advisory boards, providing expert insight into the issues faced by patients with chronic low back and leg pain.

Since the Food & Drug Administration approved Senza in May 2015, Dr. Kas has performed more implant procedures than anyone in northern California, learn more about his credentials and HF10 experience.

Dr. Kas has the following credentials:

  • Board certification from the American Board of Pain Medicine
  • Medical degree from Texas A&M University College of Medicine
  • Former department chair of pain medicine at Doctors Hospitals and John Muir Medical Center
  • Frequent lecturer on pain management and spinal cord stimulation
  • Consultant and educator for leading medical companies
  • Active researcher in the cutting edge field of pain management



HF10 therapy is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans, making long-term pain relief more accessible than ever.


Unlike other SCS systems, you don’t have to turn off your HF10 device while driving or sleeping. The device provides safe, effective pain relief without altering your routine.

FDA Approved

HF10 therapy is approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic lower back and leg pain. Extensive testing shows that HF10 therapy provides up to 80 percent relief.

Why HF10 Therapy?

Unlike traditional SCS, HF10 therapy uses innovative spinal cord stimulation technology to block pain, resulting in continuous relief without any annoying buzzing or tingling sensations.

When compared to traditional SCS, HF10 therapy has many advantages.

  • The device can stay on while you sleep and drive, resulting in long-lasting pain relief.
  • You get to decide when to turn the device on and off, giving you total control of your therapy.
  • Because the device does not cause annoying shocks, your sleep quality is likely to improve.

In clinical trials, 84.3% of patients experienced
improvement in back pain after just three months.*

*Data based on SENZA-RCT pivotal study. FDA approved.

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